About Cookies

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files, that are locally saved by browsers when visiting a website. They are used by websites to identify users in order to help them navigate more efficiently in subsequent visits.
Cookies Management

Battibit occasionally send cookies to its visitors.
Visitors may manage, edit or delete the cookies sent by our websites at any time, by changing their browser configuration.
Technical Cookies

Technical cookies are those cookies which allow the user’s authentication on our websites and help monitoring sessions and save specific information that is recognized while browsing the websites.
Technical cookies are essential for the best user experience.
Several cookies are used on this purpose, such ass session cookies (while browsing) and persistent cookies (aka “storage cookies”) that are saved on your computer by your browser until expiry — unless you delete them beforehand. They are used to save and analyze the choices you make on our websites in order to improve the user experience.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are those cookies hosted on our websites but originating from other websites (i.e. analytics and profiling cookies by Google, Twitter or Facebook)
They are created and maintained directly by their respective owners. Listed below are their privacy policies:
Google https://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/privacy/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation/
Twitter https://twitter.com/privacy/